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Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teacher's day (8)

Teacher’s Day Celebration

“Teachers’ Day Celebration at MDN FUTURE School.

Teachers day is celebrated in honour of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher himself. His contributions are immense in the educational field. With huge regards towards his efforts, each school in the country organize interesting events for students and teachers to commemorate his birth anniversary on 5th September every year.
It is customary that students step into their teachers’ shoes and teach like their teachers, on this day. In MDN Future School also, this activity was scheduled on 6th September, Monday, where students had the role play of their teachers and got a chance to experience the experiences of their teachers themselves. It was a very interesting event and the participant students surprised everyone with their exceptional teaching skills, online or offline. The best participants were selected and felicitated based on the rubrics for winning the competition. The winners in the MSP section are:-

Grade 6 Daisy:-
1. Bhumesh Sachdeo
2. Ridhima Motghare

Grade 6 Daffodil:-
1.Akshita Agrawal
2.Fiyona Akbani

Grade 7 Daisy:-
1. Nishad Makade
2. Grishma Bopche.

Grade 8 Daisy:-
1. Silji Bhowte
2. Dolby Shende

Grade 9 Daisy:-
1. Vipul Chandewar
2. Shrawani Chole.

Hearty congratulations to all the winners from entire MDN FUTURE School team.”

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